Bandla Ganesh Strives to Be Andarivaadu!

Bandla Ganesh, a controversial actor and producer, has withdrawn from politics after experiencing humiliation in 2018.

Having left politics, he is now attempting to revive his career in film production.

In response to claims made by some of Pawan Kalyan's supporters that Bandla Ganesh, were he a member of the Jana Sena Party, would have given a fitting response, Bandla Ganesh stated that he is not interested in joining the party.

Bandla refuses to align himself with any political group.

Bandla Ganesh stated that he had lost a great deal because of politics. He has no interest in joining any particular party. When it comes to politics, he says no one is his rival.

He said, "I am friendly with everyone." 

It would appear that he is striving for the title of "andarivaadu."

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