NTR Advised The Producer To Get Trivikram?

Every hero will have a desire to work with the directors like Rajamouli, Trivikram, Sukumar and Koratala Shiva.

Due to some reasons the NTR-Trivikram movie was halted. That doesn't mean that the contact was cut between the two.

Sometime ago, even Mahesh and Trivikram experienced a similar gap. They got reunited later. In the same manner the relation between NTR and Trivikram is also going to be revived.

As per a latest rumor, a big producer in Tollywood met NTR who was at a distance with him for quite a long time. But keeping all the differences aside, the producer himself approached NTR to do a film.

For this, NTR replied to him and advised him to bring Trivikram on to the board. Though the producer was shocked to know that Trivikram does films only for the Haarika Hassine banner. But still he went and asked Trivikram. Even Trivikram didn't say anything other than, "That's good. Let us do".

No one knows if NTR and Trivikram are really serious in considering this producer.

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