Super Star's 'Pedda Karma' With Rs 2 Cr

It has already been 12 days after Superstar's death. Mahesh Babu performed his Pedda Karma in a grand manner.

For this he spent more than Rs 2 Cr amidst a fan count of about 4000 to 5000. The JRC convention chefs prepared two non veg dishes along with the other vegetarian dishes. Along with fans the people who belong to 24 Crafts have come for this event.

Along with this, the food arrangements were made for celebrities and media in the N Convention. The popular Spice Venue hotel in Jubilee Hills prepared many non veg dishes for this event. Hero Venkatesh was part of this event along with Naresh, Pavitra Lokesh and his ex wife and children.

Mahesh Babu's entire family had participated in this event. The overall expenses for both the occasions put together is around Rs 2 Cr as per an estimate.

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