Vishwak Sen Arrested At Big Hero's House?

Vishwak Sen's latest film was caught in controversy and shelved abruptly. Situation would have been normal had the producer been a normal guy. But he's senior actor Arjun Sarja who has an image. 

Everybody is now pointing fingers only at Vishwak Sen. Surprisingly there is no official statement from the young hero yet.

Moreover many are underlining the point that it is not fair on the part of Vishwak to cancel the shoot early in the morning when everything was ready. 

Arjun also hinted that the young hero went to meet another actor. The hero happens to be the one who got the pan India image with a heavy multi starrer film. 

It is revealed that Vishwak was arrested in that party mood till the wee hours and so didn't find energy to attend the shoot.

No one knows what exactly happened at that party but it speaks about Vishwak's indispline and unprofessionalism.

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