Buzz: Senior Analysts Confirm TDP Is Dying

Many of the senior analysts and politicians have decided that TDP has lost its sheen and is on the way to its dead end. 

But Chandrababu Naidu though kept silent for quite a long time, now geared up to bring back the lost glory to the party.

Still, there is no strength within the party at present. The people are not believing the party at constituency level. 

The first thing to be accomplished before the elections is to win the faith of the voters. The leaders should approach the people with proper strategy.

Instead the TDP is still in the mood that people would turn towards them if they keep on criticizing the YSRCP. 

It is time that TDP gives clarity of what change it is going to bring in the state if it comes back to power. Otherwise, these can be called the end days of the TDP.

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