Chandrababu Upset With Balakrishna's Statement

Here is an interesting update from the TDP groups. Though at first it was assumed to be gossip, the details given by the insiders hint about what is happening between Nandamuri and Nara. 

It is said that Chandrababu is upset with Balakrishna's statement about the name change of NTR Health University as it has diverted the entire issue for mentioning certain words which didn't go well with the Non-Kamma Telugus living across the world. 

In a way, CBN reportedly lamented stating that Balakrishna should have consulted him before releasing any tweet or making a public statement. He is now attributing any backfire in this issue to Balakrishna, as per the sources. 

Now observing this sudden change in Chandrababu an insider says, "Chandrababu's point is correct but that is not something which sprouted in his mind. Chandrababu has been upset with Balakrishna from quite some time when the latter showed his rebellion by not placing CBN's photo on the health vehicle in his Hindupur tour recently. So, now he wants to show Balakrishna as the culprit by highlighting the negative feedback which is already in circulation about him. CBN is worried that he is losing importance even in his close coterie". 

This is a different side of Chandrababu which is in discussion in some TDP groups.

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