US BO: Three Films Put Business Back

For the past two weeks, Telugu films attracted good crowds to the theaters in America as well. Irrespective of the star cast, the collections are uniformly impressive.

Last weekend, new Telugu releases and two big Hindi movies hit the theaters, and “Karthikeya 2”, which premiered on Friday, took the lead. 

Nikhil Siddharth starrer “Karthikeya 2” collected more than 400k dollars in just two days. It is now close to crossing the half-million-dollar mark. 

#Karthikeya2 Fri: $95,526 Sat: $178,335 Sun: $160k (apprx) Weekend Gross: $433k (apprx)

Nithiin’s mass movie failed big time. The film turned out to be a disaster. It could not collect a decent amount.

#MacherlaNiyojakavargam Thur: $29,942 Fri: $18,205 Sat: $13,313 Sun: $8k (apprx) Weekend Gross: $69k (apprx)

Aamir Khan’s “Laal Singh Chaddha” flopped. The film grossed more than $1.5 million in the first weekend. For an Aamir Khan movie, this is too low.

On the other hand, Akshay Kumar’s “Raksha Bandhan” was a total washout. While Aamir Khan’s movie suffered mainly due to boycott hashtags, Akshay Kumar despite being the poster boy of Right Wing groups could not attract the audience.

“Sita Ramam”, which was released on August 4, is continuing to have a great run. The film in its second weekend crossed the milestone of the $1 million mark. The film added $200k in the second weekend.

For Kalyan Ram, “Bimbisara” gave him a big hit in the USA as the film grossed half a million dollars.

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