Naidus Ganged up Against BCs?

At last Hindupur MP Gorantla Madhav reached AP. The Kuraba community extended a grand welcome to him. His alleged nude video surpassed the political boundaries and got glued the community color. 

Gorantla Madhav has been alleging that the community that's close to Chandrababu plotted this controversy against him.

To this point, the statement of Anantapur SP Phakeerappa added fuel to the fire. He said that the video may be morphed. Since then Gorantla has been making his movement against TDP aggressively. 

He continues to criticize Chandrababu, ABN Radhakrishna, TV5 Naidu stating that they have conspired to bring him down with defame.

Madhav has been speeding up his mssion to prove the nude video conspiracy is an attempt to attack on BCs, SCs, STs and minorities. Kuraba community is behind him now. The biggest controversy seems to be not working in favor of TDP.

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