That Day, I Decided To Make A Film With Vijay: Puri

Liger Fandom event took place today in Warangal. The team had to change the event, due to heavy rains, though it became a huge success with massive crowd and several special guests attending it.

Producer Charmmee informed that Warangal is a sentiment place for her.

“iSmart Shankar’s event was held here and it became a big hit. I’m damn sure that Liger is going to be a big hit. I’ll talk more at the success event.”

Actress Ananya Pandey who tried to speak in Telugu expressed her happiness for making Telugu debut with such a big project like Liger.

“I like Telugu cinema audience. I really want to be a part of Telugu film industry. I’m happy to be starting my Telugu journey with Liger. Working with Puri, Charmme, Ramya Krishna, Mike, The Vijay Deverakonda is a wonderful experience. I promise you that, Liger is going to Waat Lagaa Denge in cinemas.”

Puri Jagannadh thanked Karan Johar and team Dhram Productions for all the support. He recalled an incident which led him to watch Arjun Reddy.

“One day, my wife scolded me saying, new directors are coming and they are making very good movies. You should watch Sandeep Reddy Vanga and Vijay Deverakonda’s Arjun Reddy. I watched the movie for 45 minutes and stopped there. I didn’t want to continue watching it. I was spellbound by Vijay’s acting. That day, I decided to make a film with Vijay. He’s very honest actor. He treated me like his father.

It took one year time for us to get the appointment of Mike Tyson. It’s a long process and we had doubts whether he’ll do our project, until he came to sets. Our team is very lucky to have him in the movie. There’s no fight with him in the cage. But, there’s his fight in the movie. Ananya is a fire brand and Ramya Krishna is a rebel mother. I thank Charmmee for taking all the burden.”

Vijay Deverakonda who was busy touring across the different cities in the country stated he always thinks about Telugu audience, wherever he goes for the movie promotions.

“We planned a huge event here. But due to rain, it couldn’t happen. However, the event got shifted to this venue, all thanks to Dayakar Rao garu and many others. I got lots of love during Liger Tour. I didn’t understand why these many people came for every event. It actually started in our colleges and theatres. I need to give back all the love to you. August 25th, Aag Laga Denge. The cinema is going to be a blockbuster. Let’s shake the entire country. Mother-son go to Mumbai all the way from Karimnagar, in this movie. Charmme is like my mother and Puri is like my father. We decided to make it big with Liger.

There’s a dialogue in the trailer- We’re Indians. Podam.. Kotladadam. Aag Hai Andar. Duniya Ko Aag Lagaa Denge. Sabki Waat Lage Denge. I love you…”

The film, Liger is all set for Pan India release on August 25th.

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