Those Abusive Tweets Are Fake, I Didn't Post Them

Editor MS Raja Shekhar Reddy is debuting as director with Nithiin’s political action entertainer Macherla Niyojakavargam releasing today.

Shekhar is not the editor for the film, but Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is editing the movie.

The director in exclusive interview with us informs, “As a director, I like almost every scene I shot. I may hesitate to remove few scenes. That’s why, I decided to stay away from editing for my movie.”

The director reveals he didn’t have any such plans of becoming a director, until Nithiin suggested him during the discussions while shooting for LIE.

“Nithiin then promised me that he will definitely do, if I approach him with a good script.”

Shekhar is presenting Nithiin in a completely mass avatar.

“I like Nithiin’s Dil and Sye. I like his body language in those movies. We missed him in such roles of late. So, I chose this type of story for Nithiin. His body language, dialogue delivery and action will be completely contrasting from his previous movies. The story has different layers and it has twists as well.”

The director is a huge fan of YSR.

“One incident that impacted me was- my friend’s daughter had heart problem. He’s financially weak. YSR started Arogya Sri just then. My friend’s problem was solved in just one day. So, I became his big fan. I cried a lot, when YSR passed away.”

Shekhar also reacted on recent controversy and what made him to file a case in cybercrime.

“I didn’t make abusive comments on any political leader or caste. Those tweets are fake ones and I didn’t post them. I indeed have no caste feeling.”

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