How Gorantla's Video Boomeranged On TDP?

The biggest racket that is going on by some groups is busted. The police have officially expressed a suspicion that the controversial video of Gorantla may be fabricated. 

This wouldn't go well with many who watched the video and confirmed it to be true with their conscience.

But let us analyze this case from different angles.


Let's suppose that the video is true. As there was no complaint from the female, it should be understood as a chat between two mutually consenting adults. When the private moments of them are captured and put up in social media, such an act is a crime. Whoever leaked it to the public will be punished by law. If this supposition is true, then Gorantla need not face any court of law but will face the brunt on moral grounds. How far it affects his political career is a debatable question. 


Let us assume that the video is fabricated. If yes, many may doubt why it is so convincing. But there are certain apps where some indecent videos were morphed with the faces of actors and actresses, and uploaded on some sites. Anything is possible in the digital world, so through the eyes that feel that something is true, the police and legal system cannot come to a conclusion unless confirmed forensically.

Whatever be the supposition, Gorantla seems to be legally not affected but only cornered morally. How far will this affect his political career?

Sometime back actor Prithvi's name was brought in this kind of controversy wherein he was removed from his government appointed position. After a wait, he is now accepted by Janasena. What does it mean? In politics, no one sees the moral grounds these days. Otherwise, Prithvi who has been facing the wrath on moral issues cannot find a place in any political party.

TDP wanted to do only one thing. The party anticipated the dismissal of Gorantla with this video. Once YCP does that, TDP might have planned to support Gorantla  by playing the BC card. The TDP that is blasting him right now would embrace him without any shame if he is ousted from YCP. 

But foiling that dream of TDP, the YCP didn't take any action on Gorantla. Eventually this entire episode boomeranged on TDP in the form of anger of BCs. So, the party and its allied media are in damage control mode. 

Trinath Kesarapally

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