Coming Up: Nasty Videos Of TDP Leader

The Politics in Andhra Pradesh have stooped to the new lows and the lusty acts of the leaders from all the parties seem to be the most common aspect.

Each one is alleging the other with their evidence and those under the spotlight are saying that the videos are morphed and audios are tampered.

While Gorantla Madhav's obscene video is in circulation on one end, now the YSRCP social media has announced the upcoming release of some nasty videos related to a TDP leader from Vinukonda. 

The reports say that the TDP leader in discussion has spoiled the life of an innocent lady in the name of astrology and his personal need to beget a son from her.

It seems that he also played with the life of the child born through her. The videos related to this nasty crime are going to see light shortly as per YSRCP social media announcement.

No one knows what's in store for Telugu people to watch on a random morning. Nasty videos are greeting with a good morning these days.

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