Who Wanted To See Nude Video Of Madhav?

August 4, 2022 has been dedicated almost to circulate an alleged nude video of Hindupur MP, Gorantla Madhav.

However, Madhav denied it and alleged that it was morphed by TDP leaders, with the help of the yellow media. 

Well, prostitution is not banned in this country. Making video calls is also not a crime. If the two or more people are interested in having some nude video call, it is their privacy, no matter whoever they are. 

If the MP made a video call to a woman, it was a private matter between the two. If the woman did not like, she should have lodged a complaint with the police. 

There was no complaint by the woman and that indicates that the woman was planted, if the video is not a morphed one as alleged by the MP. 

Well, if the woman was planted and the MP was trapped, it exposes the yellow nature of the people behind releasing it in the social media.

Even if the video is not morphed, one wonders why is the yellow media and the TDP leaders are so particular about watching the nude videos of a male? 

Why the yellow media and the yellow leaders are so much interested in watching the nude body of Madhav? 

If they were really interested in watching Madhav nude, they should have watched it privately without sharing it in the social media as people are not interested in such videos.

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