Hero Demands Rs 5 Cr More After A Flop

Tollywood or Bollywood, the plight of heroes' remunerations seem to be going in the same manner. Irrespective of scoring a hit or flop the heroes are hiking up their salaries for every film.

The latest news is about Shahid Kapoor who raised his remuneration upto Rs 5 Cr for his next film in spite of scoring a disaster with Jersey.

Shahid rose to fame with his two big blockbusters Padmavat and Kabir Singh and it appears that he is still expecting the producers to consider him with the aura he procured with those two films.

His Jersey failed at the box office by pulling a collection of meagre Rs 20.5 Cr.

Now the Bollywood sources say that in spite of this he demanded Rs 5 Cr more to his salary from the producer of a film which is yet to be signed. Shahid took Rs 35 Cr for Jersey and is now demanding Rs 40 Cr for his next.

Shahid is making his web series debut with Raj & DK's directorial 'Farzi'. Vijay Sethupati is also joining him on screen.

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