Pic Talk: Akhanda's Violent Yagam At A Temple

Every poster of Balakrishna’s second look as Aghora is generating lots of enthusiasm on Akhanda.

Balakrishna looks much furious in every poster than the previous one.

Here in this picture, Balakrishna looks very aggressive as he holds a conch in one hand and ewer in other hand with a deadly weapon in his mouth.

He appears like an Aghora performing a violent Yagam.

We can see a temple in the back of Balakrishna and there is dust all over, indicating a heavy action sequence.

Bookings are opened in all the centres and ticket sales are going on in full swing everywhere.

Akhanda is the biggest release and it’s indeed going to be the biggest opener for Balakrishna.

Balakrishna and Boyapati Srinu’s is a blockbuster combination and they are expected to complete hat-trick films with Akhanda.

Akhanda character is going to be a feast for audience and Boyapati is presenting Balakrishna in a never seen before getup and character.

Akhanda is due for release on December 2nd with premiere shows in USA and several other places on December 1st.

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