Watch: Bandla Ganesh Opens Up on Pawan Kalyan's Movie

Bandla Ganesh is a man of contradictions. Some of his statements give an impression that he is a fool or chamcha to a particular star. But when we talk to him directly, you realize that he is a mature person, who has a pragmatic approach towards everything in life. 

Bandla Ganesh puts Pawan Kalyan alongside the gods and deities. At the same time, he slyly comments that stars work with anyone who comes up with ‘projects with the right combination’.

“Pawan Kalyan is the only exception,” he utters.

Bandla Ganesh is a favorite to Pawan Kalyan’s fans as he gives speeches that they like. He talks in a manner that will connect to them directly. But why is Pawan Kalyan not giving him a chance to produce a movie?

“I did not ask him to give me another chance,” he says. 

Not just Pawan Kalyan, no star is willing to provide dates to him.

“I have no interest in producing films right now. Films are not my life. They play a tiny part. I have other vocations,” he adds.

There were reports that he cheated Ravi Teja and Krishna Vamsi in land dealings.

“I have not cheated anyone. I have done business. I don’t care what their perception of me is, but what I did was business. We are living in a country that also made allegations on Goddess Sita,” he replies philosophically. 

He burnt his hands in Telangana politics three years ago. Will he contest the elections next time?

“Who knows? My life’s journey has been full of surprises. I was born in Guntur, but my family went to Karnataka in search of a better life. Finally, my parents moved to Shadnagar, where I grew up. I did poultry, comedy roles, became a producer, and dabbled in politics. By God's benevolence, I may become MLA or Minister,” he said. 

Bandla Ganesh is now looking towards the BJP.

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