Has TDP decided to close doors for Jr NTR?

At a time where there have been demands from various quarters within the Telugu Desam Party for bringing young Tollywood hero Junior N T Rama Rao back into the party to revive the lost glory, the party leadership appears to have decided to close doors for his re-entry.

It was evident from the sudden outburst by the TDP leaders including politburo member Varla Ramaiah, former MLC Buddha Venkanna and senior leader Nagul Meera, against Jr NTR for not reacting properly over the alleged abuse of TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu and his wife Nara Bhuvaneshwari.

“We expected that NTR would react like Simhahdri, but he gave a lecture like spiritual preacher Chaganti Koteeshwar Rao. Even children were laughing at his reaction on the YSRC leaders’ abuse of Bhuvaneshwari,” Buddha Venkanna said.

Varla Ramaiah criticised Jr NTR for trying to be diplomatic while referring to the incident in the state assembly.

He wondered why the hero did not utter a single word against YSRC leaders Kodali Nani and Vallabhaneni Vamsi.

“Maybe, he did not want to get into trouble at the time of the release of his film RRR. But his uncle Nandamuri Balakrishna’s film is also up for release. Did he not condemn the attack on Naidu and his wife? A true TDP admirer will not remain silent when the party is in trouble,” he said.

Ramaiah and others would not dare make such serious comments against Jr NTR without the consent of their leader Chandrababu Naidu. Definitely, they must be reflecting his personal feelings and it clearly shows the TDP boss is against the re-entry of NTR into the TDP politics.

Taking advantage of NTR’s video statement, Naidu appears to be building an opinion within the TDP cadre that the actor would be of no help to the party.

“A person who doesn’t dare speak out against the rival party, despite the attack on his own family member, cannot expect to lead the party to victory in future,” seems to be the argument of Naidu.

By making his party leaders attacking Jr NTR, Naidu wants to scuttle all his chances of making a re-entry into the party and become a threat to the political future of his own son Nara Lokesh.

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