ABN Or Manchu - Who Is Telling Lies?

It seems that attempts are being made to portray Mohan Babu as the hero by ABN Radhakrishna after the MAA elections.

Both Mohan Babu and Vishnu said that Chiranjeevi had called them and requested Vishnu to step away from the election for MAA President.

And recently ABN Radhakrishna also said during his interview with Prakash Raj that Mohan Babu had also told him personally about Chiranjeevi calling him and asking for a unanimous victory for Prakash Raj.

Now ABN carried an article that Chiru had once again called Mohan Babu to patch things up between them.

According to the article, Chiranjeevi had explained to Mohan Babu that he had not supported Prakash Raj in the election and that Mohan Babu had responded positively.

Can there be anything more ridiculous than this? If Chiru according to the Manchu father-duo had requested Vishnu to not contest, then why would he call them again to say that he had not supported Prakash Raj?

So, either the Manchu group is not telling the truth or ABN! Besides, what is Mohan Babu’s stature in front of Chiranjeevi, professionally?

Why would Chiru go the extra mile to be on good terms with Mohan Babu when he has done nothing wrong? What is the actual truth?

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