Buzz: Mystery Behind Mahesh Koneru's Rs 80 Cr Debt

Mahesh Koneru, the popular journalist and producer died recently after suffering a cardiac arrest as per the reports.

He started his life as a web journalist and eventually grew up as a PRO to Rajamouli's film Bahubali. Later he became a close friend to NTR and Kalyan Ram.

Kalyan Ram made him a producer by giving his dates for the film 118.

In continuation, Mahesh Koneru made films like Miss India, Timmarusu and also planned different films with Naga Shourya, Allari Naresh and Sandeep Kishan.

He also tasted success as a distributor as well. Whatever the business he did including the films to be made wouldn't touch at least a Rs 100 Cr turnover.

But as per the inside reports he accumulated a debt close to Rs 80 Cr. This is the biggest mystery now. He is very close to many people in the film industry and the Press fraternity.

He was also controversy free and built his image on goodwill. So everybody believed him and funded him whenever needed.

The discussion in the close circles is that how can a small producer accumulate Rs 80 Cr debt and die? What happened to that Rs 80 Cr is a big question. Has he bought any properties?

What made him take so many loans from different people who are not acquainted to each other? He was not even addicted to any vices to lose such an amount of money.

Everything is appearing as a mystery now. Besides, none of the close friends of Mahesh Koneru who rushed to Vizag from Hyderabad to pay last respects to the deceased couldn't even get the chance to see the body, as the family members said that he was already cremated.

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