Buzz: Shocking Expenditure Of Hero's Wife

Hyderabad: Not everyone knows the value of money. Especially, when someone happens to marry a rich man only to enjoy an affluent life will find ways to spend as much as they can.

We are talking about the wife of a Tollywood star hero who came from a normal financial background.

She has no business of her own. She has no income of any kind. She takes no responsibility in her husband's activities.

All that she demands is the money from her husband which he obliges. She spends a lot of time and money at parties with her friends.

The biggest problem is that this hero desires more of silence and solitude in his life. So the parties at his residence are disturbing him a lot.

This lady lands in foreign countries with credit cards, spends everything and returns with bags of luggage.

The hero shared his pain with one of his close friends in the industry and thus it came to us. Nothing hides in society.

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