Buzz: Vadhuvu in Demand, Varudu Gets Sidelined

In the movie industry, everything revolves around the hero. Producers will not release a single still or video or publicity material without prior permission from the star hero.

The hero’s whims and fancies will be duly obliged. But when it comes to a hero who is not considered big, the equations are different. Producers get the upper hand.

We are talking about the upcoming film, Varudu Kavalenu. Starring Naga Shaurya and Ritu Varm, the romantic drama is getting released shortly. But the makers are not giving importance to the hero Naga Shaurya.

Heroine Ritu Varma gets more prominence in the songs and teasers released so far. Naga Shaurya reportedly feeling being sidelined. 

The film’s producer Chinnababu is overseeing everything about the film. The film’s director is newcomer Lakshmi Soujanya and she has no say either in the decision making. 

Heroine Ritu Varma got highlighted in all the songs released and the hero is hardly seen. If this happened to a star hero, the producer’s life would have been miserable. 

But since Naga Shaurya is a soft person, he is keeping mum, silently bearing. He seems to have hurt with the developments.

The same production house is also producing another small film titled “DJ Tullu” with Siddhu Jonnalagadda as the hero. But the film’s promotional material revolves around the hero Siddhu. See the difference!

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