Will Family Audience Watch 'Love Story' In Theatres?

Entire film industry is now looking towards the film "Love Story". The reason is not to know if it will be a hit or not. But to see whether the family audience comes to watch this film in theatres or not.

After the end of the first wave, the audience has come to theatres in good numbers. But after the second wave, the situation is very bitter.

They have become very choosy and whatever be the film released has not targeted the family audiences with content.

Now 'Love Story' is the film that is holding some value to pull the family crowds to theatres to break the ice.

The focus is on whether the family audience shows interest to come to theatres in the first three days of the release. The fate of the film based on the talk is a different thing.

If the family audience watches this film in theatres in good numbers, then it will be a breathing time for rest of the big films which are in line to release.

Otherwise, they too choose the OTT path. Already small films are not looking at the theatres these days but only opting for the direct OTT release.

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