Pawan! Why Don't You Release The Press Note?

Janasena Party responds to any issue in the state promptly. There are many instances where the party responded to the comments and stories in the media on Pawan Kalyan. 

The response has been always through a Press Note. Whatever be the issue, a Press Note will be released from the Party Office. 

Even now a story is in speculation about Pawan Kalyan. But no Press Note is released yet. Why this silence?

It is known that Janasena is an ally to BJP.

A propaganda is happening that Pawan will be made a Rajya Sabha MP first and then will be made as a Minister in the Center.

The discussion is so hot that even some media houses started running stories on this. 

It is astonishing to observe silence from the Janasena Party amidst this pandemonium.

It looks as if Pawan is maintaining a  strategic silence. 

What is that BJP can gain by making Pawan Kalyan a Minister? Nothing changes in favor of AP BJP with this step. People look at BJP only from the angle of Special Status. 

Until the BJP makes a concrete positive statement about the Special Status, AP people may not turn their heads towards the Lotus party. 

So, it is time for Pawan Kalyan to condemn the gossip. 

If he still maintains silence, people may misunderstand that he must be enjoying this gossip, attention and free publicity in the political circles.

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