Chandrababu Wants Pawan But Not BJP

TDP can never win with its solo performance and Chandrababu Naidu knows it. So far, he always tried to make a powerful party as its ally to fight in the elections.

He maintained good relations with BJP in 2014 elections and continued the bond for four and half years.

But assuming that BJP will lose the 2019 elections, he disassociated with it and fought all alone, resulting in the historical defeat ever recorded in the history of TDP. 

But when Chandrababu said that he would fight against the government by gathering the opposition parties, BJP played the defense that it had nothing to do with TDP. But Pawan Kalyan maintained silence hinting that he is ready to mingle with TDP. 

Eventually BJP and Janasena are going hand in hand. Now the role of Chandrababu is to bring out Pawan Klayan from BJP's association and try to win the 2024 elections using his photo. 

The reason for this new attempt is Chandrababu is again assuming thet BP will lose the 2024 election and so no use in associating with that party.

Well, even though he has been trying to shake BJP's hands, nobody in the party is willing to associate with him. 

So, the Hobson's choice left for Babu is to use Pawan Kalyan as his solo fight is of no use.

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