BJP taking it easy with Pawan Kalyan?

It has been quite some time since one has heard about Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan.

Though he has been in the news with regard to his film projects, nothing much is seen about his political activity.

After making some noise during the campaign for by-elections to Tirupati parliamentary seat, the Jana Sena Party chief has virtually gone into a silent mode. 

There were a couple of political statements from the party but there is no serious action plan to fight against the Jagan Mohan Reddy government in the state.

In the meantime, there was talk in some social media circles that Pawan Kalyan might be inducted into the central cabinet headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is planning to expand it in a few days. 

However, there is no reason to substantiate this talk.

“He could not even get the appointment of the Prime Minister till now. How can anybody expect Modi even consider Pawan Kalyan’s name for a cabinet berth?” a BJP leader asked.

According to sources, the BJP leadership has, in fact, started taking Pawan Kalyan lightly after the Tirupati by-polls. 

The BJP leaders have not even made an attempt to have meeting with Pawan Kalyan and other Jana Sena leaders to review the defeat in the by-polls and chalk out a common action plan to fight against Jagan.

“The BJP is not going to gain any political mileage immediately by accommodating Pawan Kalyan in the Central cabinet. Moreover, he is not even an MP and the BJP certainly will not go out of the way to nominate him to Rajya Sabha,” the sources said.

If at all Pawan Kalyan is considered for any post or position, one can expect it only if he merges Jana Sena with the BJP. 

“The BJP leadership has apparently realised that he is a non-serious politician. At least now, he should start taking politics seriously and emerge as a force to reckon with in the next two years,” sources added.

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