Fate Of These Films In Doldrums

Generally several projects get announced in a rush but many of them get shelved for various reasons.

Some films get aborted at the script stage while some get scrapped in the middle of the shoot. Some films complete their shoot but never come out. 

A film started in the combination of Nag and Praveen Sattaru but that was shelved in the script stage. 

A project was under planning with Rajasekhar and Venkatesh. Sources say that even that film was also called off due to creative differences. 

A film with new faces has to be directed by Teja. No one knows if that gets materialized. 

News is heard that Suresh Productions is making a film with Tarun Bhasker. There is no clarity on its status and there is no update if Tarun is busy directing another film. 

Avasarala Srinivas has planned a film in USA backdrop. Naga Shourya is the main lead in the film. The film couldn't take off due to the pandemic and now there is no idea if it is going to resume. 

The film that started with Bellamkonda Ganesh also has no clue about its status. Pavan Sadineni is the director and Vivek Atreya penned the dialogues. But the project was stalled. Ganesh is busy with a film on Sitara banner at present. 

Many films like these are getting started but not moving forward. This is another part of the film industry where the efforts remain unanswered.

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