AP Government Recovered Rs 5080 Cr TDP Occupied Lands

So far Rs 5080 Cr worth (as per the market value) government lands occupied by TDP was brought back by the present government of Andhra Pradesh in the last two years. The total area under this is 430.81 acres. 

Right now the action is being taken on another Rs 791 worth land in 40.05 acres. 

The maximum piece of this recovered land was under the clutches of TDP leaders.

A source says that Palla Srinivas, the TDP President of Vizag is said to be the major culprit in this Vizag land mafia who was used by the party supremo to keep the lands under his control. 

To combat this serious action on the government, right from Ayyanapatrudu to Atchen Naidu, everybody was busy conducting press meets against the government. 

The details of the government lands recovered and their market value are officially released by the concerned officers in Visakhapatnam.

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