Fact Sheet: The Kamma Style Of Campaign

One may agree or disagree, the Kamma people, wherever they are, have a unique style of promoting themselves.

Be in politics or business or films, whatever the sector they are, they follow this unique style in promoting themselves and their business.

Be in Andhra or Telangana or for that matter in America or Arab countries, their style of promotion and campaign is different from others.

They claim that they are the best when it comes to individuals and their product, when it comes to business. They follow the same strategy in everything – the best marketing strategy.

The Covid 19 crisis too seems to be no exception for them. 

Bharat Biotech had produced “Covaxin” injection to fight the virus, along with “Covishield” produced by Pune-based Serum Institute of India.

The two brands were tested and cleared by the government, promoting both.

Surprisingly, TDP’s Chandrababu Naidu had claimed the credit for Covaxin, which belonged to his own community and thus gave a best marketing support.

Even in the hospitals, at least in the Telugu states, the doctors and even the patients, speak positive of Covaxin, thus promoting their product. 

Look at the front page of Eenadu, the largest circulated Telugu daily, which is also owned by a man from the same Kamma community. 

The daily carried a front page report, saying that Covaxin has 78 per cent of efficacy and thus putting it ahead of the second vaccine, Covishield. 

But for Covaxin, the Eenadu would not have carried the front page report and that’s what this community does, when it comes to promoting their caste.

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