Exhibitors Shutting Down 'Vakeel Saab' Also

Considering the spread of Coronavirus, the exhibitors and distributors have decided to shut down all theatres except those which are screening "Vakeel Saab".

The film will run for 5 more days in all the theatres wherever it is screening and will be disappearing from the 6th day. 

But some exhibitors didn't show interest to keep their theatres open for the reason of screening "Vakeel Saab".

Already the film has been seeing dropped collections for quite a long time. After the day of Ugadi, there have been no collections at all. Though they expected that the occupancy would be increased on Saturday and Sunday, that didn't happen. 

Some single theatres including a few multiplexes that are screening "Vakeel Saab" are shutting down today. 

A famous multiplex in Attapur of Hyderabad has seen only 20 audience throughout the day yesterday. Another multiplex in the heart of the city has seen 25 audiences for all the shows put together. Thus, the theatres are not being able to get even the power bill. 

So, except the theatres that are in Dil Raju's control, all the others are shutting down from today.

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