Are 'Vakeel Saab' Theaters Immune To Coronavirus?

The film theaters are getting shut down from tomorrow in entire Telangana state. The exhibitors and distributors have had a meeting today on this situation. 

Finally the decision was made to close down all the theaters other than where Vakeel Saab is being screened. 

The distributors and exhibitors have taken this decision keeping the public health in point of view amidst the pandemic blowout. 

“This is a mere business decision than anything else. If the theaters are being closed considering the public health then why to give exception to the ‘Vakeel Saab’ theaters? In fact there is no other new film running anywhere other than Vakeel Saab. There is already a heavy downfall of collections in almost all the screens where Vakeel Saab is running. There is no logic why to run the theaters for this film", quipped a producer.

The producer also added, “Are the exhibitors assuming that the theaters where Vakeel Saab is being screened immune to Coronavirus? They should recall that the virus didn’t leave even Pawan Kalyan”.

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