Is 'Adi Purush' A Bridge Between Mythology And History?

Om Raut, the director of the magnum opus "Adi Purush" has expressed some insights about the project.

The film is based on the age old epic Ramayana where Prabhas is playing Lord Ram and Saif Ali Khan is portraying the role of Ravan. 

In an interview, Om Raut said that the film is set in the historical backdrop of 30000 years ago. The director also promises power packed episodes in the film with the elite casting. 

Now the assumptions can be made if the maker if trying to bridge the gap between the mythology of Ramayana to the age of Neanderthals.

The mythical Vanaras shown in Ramayana are apparently similar in character tics to the pre-historic Neanderthals who got extinct around 30000 years ago. 

Well, keeping that suspense aside, Om Raut shared that Prabhas has chiseled his body to suit to the character and he is toiling every day for the same even during the shoot. 

Om said that Prabhas and Sai Ali Khan are his dream casting for this film where Kriti Sanon is also toiling  a lot learning Telugu. 

"There is massive action involved between Prabhas and Saif Ali Khan", Om added. 

The director also said that about 30% of the shoot is already over amidst Covid-19 protocols.

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