OTT Watchlist: Shakespeare's Macbeth In Modern Terms

Greed and conspiracy are as old as the origin of human beings. These elements are touched in every mythological epic from Greece to India.

Even the most famous 15th century poet Shakespeare penned the drama 'Macbeth' with the same elements. 

Intelligently, the Malayalam movie maker Dileesh Pothan carved a new story 'Joji' with the same elements and handled it with a gripping narration. 

This is all about the three sons of a wealthy farmhouse owner who wait to inherit the property from their father. Their greedy thoughts drive them to do some wrong deeds and finally end up in an unfavorable way. 

At some point the morality is swallowed by the betrayal, cruelty and murder. This is the film where the protagonist ends up as an antagonist. 

Fahadh Faasil excelled in his character. The writer brought some poetic justice at the climax by playing the magic of Karma or Newton's Third Law- for every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. 

Beating the routine rom-coms this film stands apart bestowing a new experience for the serious film lovers.

In fact, this is an idea bowled by the maker of the film that many of the old classic dramas can be remade with necessary changes and rebooting them to the present times like "Joji". 

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