TDP Media To Get The Best Comedy Award For This

The plight of theTDP media is perfectly on par with that of TDP. Unexplainable unrest, frequent delusions, continuous illusions and conceptual hallucinations have become part of their nervous system for not being able to see the result in favor of them in any election. 

In this process, these media channels are serving a lot of entertainment to the people in the name of serious analysis. 

While the reason for not distributing money to the voters by any party in Tirupati elections is analyzed in different ways, the TDP media brings out a new assumption. 

As per this media, knowing that YSRCP candidate is anyway going to win the Tirupati MP seat with good majority, CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has not allowed the party men to distribute money to the voters as it may break his own record of majority. This is certainly the height of comedy.

The point to be underlined here is, in case the YSRCP gets a record majority, then TDP will die in this place. The impact will be so strong that TDP cannot get back from this knockout blow. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy welcomes such a record majority but never stops. This is not like any film star's collection records. This is the matter of pride for the party as a whole.

Whatever the collection comes to the candidate Guru Murthy is only because of the image of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy as that is known for all. 

It is already understood that YSRCP found no reason to distribute money for a definitely winning seat and TDP didn't do the same for a definitely losing seat. Other than this common sense, there is no other big logic. 

But the TDP media is using malfunctioning brains to analyse certain things and ending up as a laughing stock.

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