To Expose TDP's Campaign, AP Invites POSCO To Krishnapatnam

In an attempt to clear air on the disinvestment of the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant and the opposition’s campaign against the state government, the Jagan Mohan Reddy government had written to the POSCO India chairman inviting him to set the steel plant in Krishnapatnam.

The opposition had been campaigning against the Jagan government accusing the chief minister of conspiring with the Central government and the POSCO as well to sell the Vizag Steel Plant.

The opposition is siting the visit of the POSCO team and holding talks with the Central government to establish greenfield steel plant on the Vizag Steel Plant premises.  

The TDP had also extensively circulated photos of the chief minister meeting the POSCO chairman earlier in 2020.

As an attempt to disprove these allegations, the industries department of the state government had written to the POSCO chief inviting him to start the steel plant in Krishnapatnam.

The state government said that the POSCO and the government teams have already identified land near Krishnapatnam Port for the greenfield steel plant.

While extending all support to the POSCO, the state government revealed its intentions to develop Krishnapatnam Port area as major industrial hub and also offered incentives for industrial growth.

It is to be seen whether the state government’s letter would help it disprove the opposition’s campaign of conspiracy to sell the Vizag Steel Plant to the POSCO.

The chief minister had already written to the Prime Minister opposing disinvestment in the steel plant and had suggested three alternatives to save the plant from losses.

All these measures, as the Jagan government believes, would expose the TDP’s misleading campaign.

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