TDP's Future: Neither Chandrababu Gives Nor Jr NTR Takes

The future of TDP is in doldrums. It's like plunging in a quagmire from time to time. It is not that this party kept quiet and spent time idly and hence the result. The party leaders have been kept on fighting in their own way to develop anti incumbency. 

First they took up the Amaravathi issue. The protests have projected in such a way that the government is anti democratic and tyrannical. But much to the dismay of the TDP, only the two news dailies and a few pro TDP channels have covered these protests extensively and no other part of the regional and national media is bothered. 

Then the allegations of temple attacks became the worst phase in the state and at a time many supposed that it would shake the legs of the government's chair. Both the BJP and the TDP used the same incidents to mudsling the government. 

The other incidents like attacks on a dalit doctor were highlighted much before to bring a split among the pro YSRCP citizens. 

Despite all these, the Panchayat elections kept TDP in shock. As an unbelievable happening, for the first time Kuppam, the main fort of TDP Supremo, has seen a huge defeat of TDP supporting candidates. The anti incumbency was felt nowhere in the state. 

As per an experienced psephologist, "The result of Panchayat elections generally will be favorable to the ruling party in the state. But that should be taken for granted only in normal conditions and not in these present circumstances. The kind of allegations made would have brought huge anti incumbency. But nothing of that sort happened and it proves that the YSRCP is too deeply rooted to uproot". 

In continuation to this, when Chandrababu went to Kuppam to boost up the morale of his party workers after the defeat, the loud appeals on his face to bring in Jr NTR to lead the party kept the party supremo in utter embarrassment. The silent nod with an artificial expression was clearly visible on the face of Chandrababu Naidu when he heard that appeal. 

But is that possible? Will CBN call in Jr NTR to save the party? Or will he give away the party to the Jr?

When asked the same, a political analyst said, "Jr NTR was never treated with due respect by Nandamuri and Nara families for obvious reasons. When his stardom was rising, the family brought him close only to use him politically for the time being. He had his father's connection then. But now his father Nandamuri Harikrishna is no more. Why would Jr NTR put his career at stake to save a drowning party?

If he holds sentiment on the name of the party due to his  respect for his grandfather, then he expects to take the party completely, keeping Nara family away. But why will Chandrababu give away to Jr NTR? He knows that mistake will keep him as a loser in the history of Andhra Pradesh.

Jr NTR also cannot backstab and take the party repeating the history. Chandrababu had built too many legal walls to avoid any such political backstabbing, because he knows the path he walked through". 

So, the transfer of party to any other can be possible only by Chandrababu's decision. He will not decide to give it away to Jr NTR as that keeps his image in utter disgrace forever. Jr NTR also never takes it, obliging the request of Chandrababu if any, as it keeps his image down. 

The only way left for TDP is to disappear or resurface with only the present leadership. 

The only way left for Jr NTR, if he develops political interest, is to start a party of his own. Right now he is on the peak of his film career and it takes not less than another 10 years to think about politics. 

Kiran Sharma

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