OTT Watch: A Delectable Little Film

Aha streaming app has been making wise choices in terms of producing creative content for their digital platform.

Mail is their latest offering that features Priyadarshi in a prominent role. The story is set in the early 2000s in a village named Kambalapally.

The film deals with a point that is relatable to the youngsters who are aware of the computer boom and the beginning of the internet era.

Director Uday Gurrala wisely picks the topic of that ‘You Won Rs 2 Cr prize’ fishing mail that has fooled many in those days. It is instantly relatable and the director weaves a delectable tale around the ‘Mail’.

We root for the innocent characters so much that we would wish for their ‘fake lottery’ to come true and bail them out of all their troubles.

Director cleverly gives a satisfactory ending to it by keeping it logical. All the characters are likable and Priyadarshi’s presence and performance needs a special mention.

The film moves at a slow pace with the middle portions dragging a bit too long. However, Mail is an endearing little film that will put a smile on your lips for sure.

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