'Marry My Son' - Hero's Mother Shocks Heroine!

National Award winning actress Priyamani is coming back to Telugu film industry after a hiatus. She is playing Venkatesh’s wife character in Narappa, a remake of Tamil film Ausran.

Priyamani who is happily married to Mustafa Raj has recalled a weird experience she had during her hay days.

Priyamani was linked to her co-actor Tarun when she did a film called Nava Vasantam with him. They used to hangout a lot during those days that many gossip columnists wrote a lot of stories about them.

Both Tarun and Priyamani didn’t pay much attention to those rumors, but they have spread like a wildfire.

Even Tarun’s mother Roja Ramani believed that there was something going on between them. Priyamani got a shock from Tarun’s mother who met her on the sets

. She asked if I was willing to marry her son and she had no objection for it, Priyamani told.

“I was shocked to hear that from her. I immediately told that we are just friends and there is nothing beyond that,” she added.

Priyamani is hoping to have an extended second innings post Narappa’s release. 

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