Tejaswi's Bold Talk On Commitment

Tejaswi Madivada is saying that has decided not to marry but will continue maintaining a boyfriend. 

In an exclusive interview toi greatandhra.com on the occasion of her upcoming film on Commitment, she came out boldly on different issues. She shared about her real life 'commitments' along with the recent lip kiss experience. 

- I liplocked to enjoy a true lip kiss for the first time. It is a great experience. I acted in many fake kisses earlier. But this is the real one since I know the guy personally. 

- I am a Telugu girl and I dreamt of marrying a man of my choice. But the first marriage proposal got cancelled. Then I went on a pilgrimage. Now I am back into films. I came to know that marriage will be a hurdle for me to go ahead as an artist. I will never marry in my life. 

- I don't find any mistake in maintaining a boyfriend without marriage. I am not a sanyasini. So I have a boyfriend now. Earlier I dated two men for 10 years. Now I am more mature. 

- I am not a soft person. When many people cursed me with filthy words, I thought there was a problem in me. But I realized that there is no problem in me and I cannot change myself. This is me. I live in the way I want. 

- We have shown everything in this film..from auditions to remunerations to commitments. 

- Hundreds of people will ask for commitment. But it is my choice whether I fulfilled that in the night or not. It will be untrue to say that no one had asked for commitment and nothing of that sort had happened. Many big heroines say that no one has asked for any such commitments so far. They may be lucky, but I have faced many.

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