Balayya To Rock And Shock This Dasara!

Known for his sensational moves and daring decisions, senior actor and Telugu Desam Party politburo member Nandamuri Balakrishna is all set to rock during this festive season and also shock his fans.

Remember, during the recent lockdown period to prevent spread of Coronavirus, Balakrishna shocked the fans by singing Ghantasala’s most popular song – Siva Sankaree.. and releasing the same in YouTube. He cared a damn for his critics and did what he wanted to do.

Now, Balakrishna has announced release of partly completed footage of his 15-year old film Narthanasala, which was abandoned midway following the death of heroine Soundarya.

The 17-minute footage is being released on Shreyas OTT and it is being given a massive publicity on the lines of a full-length film.

The latest news that Balakrishna is going to release two more shocking videos. One is an English song which was sung by none other than Balayya himself.

Apparently, he had been nurturing the ambition of singing an English song for a quite long time and he has fulfilled it now by singing the same along with chorus. 

It is likely to be released on the social media platforms. Everybody knows how his Siva Sankaree song has created a sensation in the social media and got wild comments. Let us see what kind of response his English song will get.

Now the second shock. During the release of his Narthanasala video footage recently, a lot of publicity material was unveiled, including a video byte by director S V Krishna Reddy. 

This led to a doubt as to how Krishna Reddy was related to Narthanasala and why he has come into the scene. There is a reason for the same.

At the end of Narthanasala video, a small song bit from the Telugu film “Top Hero” is learnt to have been added to entertain the viewers.

The film, starring Balakrishna and Soundarya as lead pair, was directed by S V Krishna Reddy. The song: “Muddu Papa. O Muddu Papa..” in which Balakrishna wearing a topi dances with Soundarya, is now being added to Narthanasala video.

Now, get ready for this shocking entertainment from Balayya this Dasara!

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