TDP, not YSRC, behind attack on judge's brother!

TDP’s attempt to gain political mileage over the alleged attack on Ramchandra, brother of Dalit judge S Ramakrishna, at B Kothakota mandal in Chittoor district on Sunday, backfired on the party with the district police presenting an entirely different picture.

The TDP leaders have alleged that Ramakrishna’s brother Ramachandra was injured in an alleged attack by “YSRC goondas” because the judge had exposed the alleged misdeeds of minister Peddireddi Ramachandra Reddy.

Describing the attack as a murder attempt, former Minister and TDP leader Nakka Anand Babu accused the YSRC government of targeting and harassing the Dalits just for raising their dissenting voices against the ongoing atrocities and attacks on their communities.

However, district superintendent of police Senthil Kumar, who got the issue investigated, made it clear that the YSRC had no role whatsoever on the attack on Ramachandra.

“In fact, the accused, Pratap Reddy, who allegedly attacked the judge’s brother, turned out to be a TDP leader,” the SP said.

Senthil Kumar also refuted the allegations of the TDP leaders that the attack was politically motivated.

“Our investigations proved that it was a petty clash between Ramachandra and Pratap Reddy over a small issue,” he said.

“Pratap Reddy did not give way to the car of Ramachandra passing through a narrow lane. This led to an argument between the two and Pratap Reddy pushed Ramachandra down. Since the latter was in a drunken state, he fell down and suffered injuries,” the SP said.

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