Poor Minds Knit Drama Around SPB's Hospital Bills?

Some netizens are spreading rumors in poor taste with regard to the hospital bills of SPB which are yet to be settled. 

Initially, when the unconfirmed reports said that SPB was almost no more by the evening of 24th September, a rumor started making rounds that the family members were waiting for Ashtami Thithi to go away before disconnecting the ventilator. This was one false news that came out first. 

When Ashtami left at 7:10 PM on that day, and still the news wasn't coming out, then another gossip started making rounds that the mammoth hospital bills are not yet settled and so the hospital is not leaving the body. 

How poor the minds of the people are? Are they thinking that SPB is a normal person like them? Millions of people are emotionally attached to him including the bigwigs in the Tamilnadu State Government and also the Vice President of India. Can the hospital be spared if something like that happens? 

It was viral earlier in the month of August that Tamil Nadu State government is going to bear the hospital expenses of SPB. But still, there is no official confirmation yet. 

Now, a fresh gossip started making rounds that the Vice President's daughter has come forward to pay the bills as Tamil Nadu government didn't come forward. 

Condemning all this, SP Charan made things clear stating, "Whoever spread this message, don’t seem to realize how hurtful and offensive it is to those associated with the issue. I don’t think SPB’s fans can do something like this. I want to forgive this person or persons who have been spreading these rumours. I hope he gets some sense and does the right thing.”

He also concluded that he will announce everything related to the hospital bill once sitting with the hospital management. 

Well, as per the common sense, SP Balu's family is affluent enough to pay the bills whatever they are. But it is the concern and respect towards an inspiring legend and his bereaved family to see that the government pays the bills on behalf of millions of their fans (though the family is capable).

So, the poor minds with their limited narrow minded understanding, need not knit dramas around this issue.

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