Some Foolish NRIs Getting Into Trouble

This is a democratic world. Anybody can talk about anything as the freedom of speech is prevailing in India. But still there are some limits within the purview of the constitution.

Talking in a way that encourages communal violence and offensive talk about some people in the judiciary without evidence will attract punishment under law. 

But some Telugu NRIs sitting in the different countries are taking it for granted that they can do anything and no one can trouble them in any way. 

A few NRIs are making some videos against the opposition party as well as the judges and posting them on social media. Some are doing such videos on the ruling party as well. In the process, the language they are using and the baseless allegations they are making are quite abominable. 

Such videos will not be ignored for sure. The government can release a lookout notice on the video maker that is valid for 15 years. If such notice is issued, the people that are making videos will be arrested as and when they land in India. 

On the other hand they may have some properties in AP or Telangana. The properties can be troubled by the government. 

Sometimes, even the parents or siblings living in AP or TS can be troubled by authorities by just calling them to the police station asking the whereabouts of the video maker. That surely proves to be an unwanted harassment. 

The video makers should be prepared for all such things before posting them on social media.

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