Bigg Boss 4: No Pulihora... No Footage!

Bigg Boss editors are totally focusing upon the contestants that are ‘mingling’ with the opposite gender.

Whoever doesn’t give that footage is not getting screen space in primetime episodes. This is the opinion of followers of Bigg Boss show who are expressing their views on social media platforms.

It is true to some extent because a few contestants are not getting any screen space when there is no task.

Almost eighty percent of the footage is dedicated to Monal and the boys that are close to her.

Gangavva and Avinash are stealing some moments with their style of humor, while some contestants are entirely out of focus.

Even a popular anchor like Lasya is not getting any screen space. Ariana and Devi are not shown if they are not involved in some sort of brawls. 

In Friday’s episode Mehboob and Sohel discussed the same.

Mehboob said, “It is important to have relationships or else we will be out even if we put hundred percent effort in the task. Biscuit ayipotham.”

Sohel concurred with Mehboob’s opinion. Not just this season, Bigg Boss always gives ample footage to contestants that are experts at mixing ‘pulihora’.

Remember Prince-Deeksha, Tanish-Deepthi Sunaina, Tejaswi-Samrat and Rahul-Punarnavi?

This season it is the triangular love-hate relationship between Abhijeet-Monal-Akhil that is getting maximum coverage. 

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