How Friendship Dumped Rakul Preet?

"Show me who your friends are, and I will tell you what you are"- this is the world renowned quote. 

Yes, just because of a wrong friendship Rakul Preet, the non controversial actress is in problem now. She has been facing investigations and interrogations by the Narcotic Bureau only because her friend Rhea Chakravarthy is booked in a narcotics case. 

Rakul Preet is a regular guest to Rhea in Mumbai and there are many incidents where both of them have moved together even for the parties and events. 

This open secret has pulled Rakul into the issue and made her face the interrogations. Indeed, there will be nothing more than harassment for her. But the temporary tensions with regard to her shootings and some social stigma are the most unwanted things for her life. 

So, choosing right friends is always a wise thing but how far is that possible in professional life is a different question.

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