Opinion: Why Majority Andhraites Hate That Community?

Caste feeling…this is not something you hear in open discussions but it certainly runs deep among many powerful lobbies and especially the political houses. 

However, there is a fine line between having that feeling and taking it to extremities. Currently, the situation of one political party seems to be standing out in this case.

Continuously in the name of self-defense they are writing offensive articles using their own media houses and repeating the same act even in their social media channels. Incidentally, when they were in the ruling party they used to abuse the opposition party in the same way. Now, the role has reversed and they are now abusing the ruling party. Going by their actions, it is very clear they just want their community person to be the leader.

They don’t even know what benefits they will get but all this is purely out of caste fanaticism. It is common to have someone of their own community prospering and that is natural but it should not be filled with throwing mud and spitting hatred on other communities. Due to what they did in 2014-19 they generated a lot of vexation among people and destroyed their own party. They have dug their own grave. 

Instead of making all communities move with them, they became branded as caste based party and so an anti-community feeling has come. They started doing everything openly and even the top posts in government went to that community. Successful politicians and businessmen, everyone is from the same community. They might say that we have people from various communities but if you look at those who prospered it is only their community members.

During YSR or Jagan governments we don’t’ see that happening much with the Reddy community. However, it is a different scenario with TDP. 

Though they lost miserably they are not changing their mindset. They are still continuing throwing hatred and due to this they are inviting further destruction. The major cause for that is the yellow media and some party lovers on social media. Surprisingly, the majority of these party supporters on social media also belong to the same community. As long as this self identity continues, the community loses its camaraderie with other communities in the state. 

We can take an example here. Dr BR Ambedkar is the beloved and the most respected personality for every Indian. He is the legend who brought the Constitution to every Indian. The Constitution of India is considered on par with any Holy Book by every system in India.  But the majority dalits across the nation have over projected Dr BR Ambedkar as a Dalit intellect and unknowingly distanced him from other communities. Not knowing the fact, many Indians still believe that Dr Ambedkar is a leader for Dalits but not for everyone. That's the result of selective projection. 

Something similar is the case with TDP here. The people that belong to that community are overguarding and overprojecting everything related to the party in a community perspective. As a result both the party and the community have isolated themselves from the hearts of others. 

Written By Stephen Raj Kumar

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GreatAndhra and GreatAndhra does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.

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