Posani Interview: 'Chiranjeevi Cried For Two Months'

One of the most versatile actors in Tollywood is Posani Krishnamurali. He made his presence felt not just as an artiste but also for his rather sensational and controversial opinions on political affairs.

This time, he shared his thoughts in an exclusive interview with Great Andhra and following are some excerpts. 

"I am not bothered about anyone, it doesn’t matter what happens to them. But politicians are representatives of people. I strongly believe they should be righteous. I speak from a voter point of view. Some people say I keep speaking about different parties at different times. Even voters do the same, does that mean they are switching parties? "

Sharing his thoughts about the legendary N T Rama Rao, Posani said “I have seen many CMs in our state politics and my awareness started from 1983 when I was young. That time, NTR garu was canvassing. There was no electronic media. He used to visit every place and give speeches. When I heard them, that’s when I realized how corrupt Congress was. That was my point of awakening.”

“When I enquired, I discovered Congress was a great party with great people including freedom fighters but there were those rotten few who took advantage of the party image and amassed lot of money. However, there are exceptions. For instance, Kotla Vijayabhaskar Reddy was a genuine person with zero corruption. He never used to speak cheaply about anyone whether he won or lost. Same was Chenna Reddy garu”

“They say that NTR Garu didn’t have the habit of reading newspapers. So, as a common man who had no inkling of politics, he came forward and brought to light the corruption that was happening. That’s when public gave him 220 seats. He didn’t spend a rupee. And I confirmed because Congress has resorted to corruption and that’s why even the most veteran politicians lost in the election. From him to today’s Jagan, I have seen them all.”

Sharing his thoughts about Chandrababu Naidu, Posani said “Chandrababu’s story is different. He is the first one to start demolishing politics. Speaking negatively about the opposite person and doing negative publicity was his thing. After he came, he changed the face of politics. I am an educated person and have been observing a lot. NTR’s demise is a reflection of CBN’s bad intent and his selfish qualities. He didn’t go and murder him but he killed him emotionally and mentally. He snatched the party.”

He added “During the days when Chandrababu was wowed when he saw a hundred rupee note, YSR’s family was IT payers. They used to have lots of properties. YSR and Jagan came from a wealthy family. But CBN came from nowhere and built multi-crore homes and properties. When asked, he says it came from his company ‘Heritage’. All his properties, businesses in Singapore, even Heritage he got only after becoming the CM, let’s not forget that.”

He also spoke about Chiranjeevi like this “Chiranjeevi garu didn’t ask me for any money when he gave me the ticket for PRP. He gave it to me genuinely. Of course, I lost. During that time, Chandrababu mocked Chiru. He made one lady talk badly about the ladies in Chiranjeevi garu’s home. During that time, one of Chiru’s daughters went and married someone. Catching that, Naidu made few women leaders comment that someone who cannot control his own daughter at home, how can he control a state. Chiranjeevi garu was upset and hurt for 2 months. He said ‘Chandrababu is a respectable leader and he is not even trying to stop his party members when they are throwing mud at my family.’ I felt really ugly after seeing all this and silenced those leaders by talking in my own style. From then on, I developed a lot of repulsion towards Naidu. Because, he didn’t even tell his leaders to apologize for their behavior.”

“Chiranjeevi garu is personally a nice man. There were allegations that he sold PRP tickets but truth is, even he doesn’t know anything about politics. Someone behind him may have done such thing. Both NTR and Chiranjeevi know only people and not politics. During my childhood, there was never a system of taking money and going for political party meetings or gatherings. This habit started from Chandrababu Naidu. He started managing the system and introduced this money thing.”

He concluded this topic by saying “Just like Bhasmasura Hastham, anyone who starts something bad will end up getting bit by the same evil power. Chandrababu is also no exception.”

Posani also gave some really insightful and interesting revelations on other topics.

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