Kona Venkat Gets Direct OTT Approval

Kona Venkat, the writer and co-producer of Anushka’s “Nishabdham” sought the opinion of his followers and Anushka’s fans about the movie’s release.

He ran a poll on his Twitter and the majority of the respondents favored the direct OTT release over theatrical release.
It is no secret that the makers of “Nishabdham” have already locked a deal with a streaming giant but they are waiting for the official ‘clearance’ to announce it publicly.

The online poll suggests that Anushka’s fans and Kona Venkat followers are also okay with direct OTT release.

Anushka has already given her agreement to the producers to go ahead with what they feel best for the movie's release.

Although she was not in favor of this proposal, she later realized that the impact of coronavirus pandemic and the prolonged shutdown of movie theaters.

"Nishabadham" will be the first Telugu film with a major star cast and mid-range budget to have a direct release on a streaming app.

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