Buzz: Dil Raju's Shock To Theatre System

Star producer Suresh Babu has been saying that the theatre system is dead. Some believed it  but many have negated.

Now Dil Raju's new move is giving weight to Suresh Babu's statement. 

Raju has decided to release his "V" on an OTT platform. This Nani, Sudheer Babu starrer is directed by Indraganti Mohana Krsihna at a cost of Rs 35 Cr. 

Earlier Indraganti said in an interview to greatandhra that he made "V" for theatres but not to watch on mobile phones. But his hope is turning out to despair.

Since Dil Raju is not sure of cinema business in theatres in near future, he has decided to release on OTT. 

Dil Raju is the main producer in Active Producers' Guild and also a big exhibitor.

So his decisions are bringing tremors among the heroes and directors who are still hoping to see their films in theatres.

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