Chegondi To Replace Mudragada In Kapu Movement?

With former minister from East Godavari district Mudragada Padmanabham announcing that he was withdrawing from Kapu reservation movement, it appears the Kapu leaders have found an alternative to carry forward the movement.

Former MP Chegondi Harirama Jogaiah, who was also another Kapu strongman from West Godavari district, has taken up the cudgels on behalf of the community. He has floated Kapu Samkshema Sena to fight for the quota for the community.

He told reporters at his residence in Palakollu that he would continue the agitation to bring pressure on the Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy government to grant reservations for Kapus in education and employment.

Jogaiah said if the government was not in a position to include Kapus in the Backward Classes list and provide them reservations without affecting the quota of existing BC communities, it should at least allocate 10 per cent reservations under Economically Backward Classes quota.

He made it clear that Kapu Samkshema Sena has no connection with any political party and is not confined to any particular caste group.

“Before the elections, Jagan said providing reservations to Kapus does not come under the state limits, but a decision to be taken by the Centre. But after coming to power, he did not make any efforts to take up the issue with the Centre,” Jogaiah alleged.

The Kapu leader said the financial assistance of Rs 15,000 per year to Kapu women under YSR Kapu Nestham was just an eyewash. While there were 50 lakh Kapu women, the assistance was being given only to 2.50 lakh people, he said.

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