Buzz: Reddys Hurt By Varma's Title

Prashant Varma, the director who shot to fame with his different kind of film "Awe" a couple of years ago has now announced the title "Zombie Reddy". 

It is obvious that a section of people may hurt their feelings on this as the word "zombie" itself is not something positive. 

There have been many zombie based films in the west but this is the first time in Telugu as per Prashanth Varma.

It is reported that many Reddys have been calling Prashanth Varma directly and reprimanding him for the title.

He is giving them the explanation that the character is positive but they are not getting convinced. 

As per the inside news this is the story of a person named Zombie Reddy who saves a town from Corona pandemic.

Whatever be the story line, it is the title that gives the first impression. Earlier the title "Valmiki" has irked a section of society. Now Zombie Reddy is in the list.

We have to see whether Prashanth Varma gets the pressure to change the title or Reddys don't take the fight to that extent.

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